Stop Cutting Her Off

Something I found while perusing Instagram that I think it’s important for people to remember in a number of situations. I can think of one particular ex-boyfriend (and his daughter) who has great issues with this behavior.

In case you can’t read the small text on the image, I’ve quoted it below in a bit larger font:

“You can’t tell her you are willing to listen and then as soon as she begins to speak…you cut her off. That’s not fair. You cut her off as if you already know what she’s going to say, when in reality, that may be a big part of the problem…you’re not listening. You think you know, but maybe you don’t. Maybe that’s why you keep having the same conversations over and over again and it never seems to change anything. It’s not that you can’t address her issue, it’s that you’re not listening long enough to find out what the issue really is. My thoughts…Even if you think you already know what she is going to say, out of respect, let her finish. You don’t have to always agree, but you should always be willing to hear her out. Once you understand what the true issue is, you’re in a better position to work with her to resolve it.”