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Welcome. I am Laura and this is my website. This September I will be embarking on my first overseas adventure – and a 6 week-long adventure at that! Where will I be traveling and what will I be doing?

I will be going to Mozambique and South Africa. For 5 weeks, I will be volunteering with an international organization by the name, “Love the Oceans.” We will be doing fisheries research, coral reef surveys, educating children in the local schools, and assisting with marine biologists. There will also be 1 week dedicated to a week-long expedition to explore the Kruger Ecosystem. The organizations goal is to one day set up a marine protected area for wildlife in the Indian Ocean.

Before I do all that, however, I am aiming to raise some money for the organization prior to my US departure on September 7. You can donate a minimum of $5 to my fundraiser by clicking the button to the right side of the page. You can also give (with no minimum required) at this link. Another option is to buy a photo (or two or five) at this website.

So stay tuned for my upcoming adventures by reading my journal, where I’ll post about getting a US Passport, immunizations for travel, packing, and surviving a 6 week trip to study abroad in Africa. If you subscribe below, you’ll also get exclusive video blog updates about my current and future travelling adventures. So don’t delay and subscribe today!

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