6 Things to Do To Increase Your Happiness

Unhappy people do certain things that happy people avoid like the plague. If you’re doing these things, you’re probably not as happy as you could be. Achieving anything involves avoiding certain behaviors and adopting other behaviors. The same holds true for your happiness.

Some people seem to have a natural skill for being happy. It’s a skill they’ve successfully mastered and you can learn to master it, too, with these tips.

1. Stay present. Dwelling on the past and feeling bad about something that’s already happened doesn’t make a lot of sense. Without a time machine, there’s nothing you can do. Late for your job interview yesterday? How will feeling bad about it help you now? Mad at yourself for not asking out Suzie Watson in 11th grade? It’s too late now.

Leave the past alone and focus on today. Life only happens in the present. You’re wasting your life by being focused on the past or the future. Both perspectives sacrifice your present and ruin your mood. Prepare for the future, but avoid worrying about it. Most of your concerns will never happen anyway.

2. Let go of grudges. Refusing to forgive others only punishes you. Half of the people you’re mad at don’t even know it. They’re going about their lives without any concern for you. Who is really suffering, the one you’re angry with or the one holding tightly to a grudge?

3. Know yourself. With over 8 million people roaming the Earth, there’s always going to be someone who’s wealthier, better looking, smarter, or a better dancer. Comparing yourself to others is a losing game, especially when you compare your weaknesses to other’s strengths.

4. Focus on the positive. Humans are programmed to look for danger and focus on the negative. That makes it easy to ignore all the positive things going on in your life. You can counteract this tendency by making a list of all the good things in your life and reading it each day. Make a habit out of this. Keep the list by your bed and read it every morning and night.

Another idea is to take part in a challenge of some kind, like 100 Days of Happiness or Intention Inspired’s 30 Days of Brave.

5. Stop caring what others think. You might think you outgrew this mindset after high school, but you’d be one of the incredibly rare few. Kicking this habit can take a lifetime, but it’s also incredibly satisfying. You’re never free if you’re worried about what others are thinking. It taints every decision you make.

6. Find your passion. Working at a job you dislike doesn’t make any sense. Why would you choose to spend 8+ hours each day in a way you despise? Find work that you find enjoyable and you’ll remove one of the primary causes of unhappiness.

Are you as happy as you’d like to be? If not, there are certain habits and skills you must commit to if you want to increase your happiness. Happiness is a choice you must make every day. Failing to choose happiness is choosing unhappiness. You must make the effort if you want to experience happiness on a regular basis.

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  1. Ronald H Ross says:

    This is wonderful Much of our unhappiness seeps in when we’re unaware. It takes positive mental steps to be happy.

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