Transcending the Ego

The ego is a tricky thing. It can drive us to do impressive things, but make us miserable in the process. Many of the most successful people have the biggest egos, and most of them are also unhappy. You’ve heard that money can’t buy happiness, right? This is because the ego is never satisfied. It always requires more to feel comfortable. Each success or accomplishment must be bigger than the last. There’s no peace. So how can we move beyond our ego to find true peace and happiness?

1. Avoid taking anything personally. Everyone has bad days, and your imagination is partially fueled by your ego. This could lead to misinterpreting the intentions of others around you.

2. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Are you better than someone else if you own a bigger home or wear nicer clothes? Is someone better than you if they get the job you desire? Every single person on this planet has a value that is immeasurable. Comparisons prove nothing.

3. Seek a healthy body. What’s healthy for one person can be incredibly unhealthy for another. Your ideal body, ideal health and fitness, is the one that gives you the greatest level of health.

4. Avoid reacting. Respond instead. The ego attempts to influences you to act quickly and without contemplation. The longer you wait to respond to your negative feelings, the more likely you are to avoid the ego.

5. Avoid criticizing others. Give up your need to be right and correct others. Ask yourself why you criticize. In the end, it’s only to make yourself feel better. Even if you believe you’re trying to be helpful, you’re still trying to feel good about yourself. Caveat: Sometimes people will ask for advice on a situation. This is when you should offer constructive criticism. When you offer constructive criticism, you’re saying there is a better way and offering solutions that can solve people’s problems.

6. Question your motivations. Imagine you’re buying a new car. Ask yourself why. Remember that money can’t buy you happiness. Do you really need a new car? Is your current car adequate? If you need a new car, ask yourself if you’re considering appropriate cars and for appropriate reasons. Are you considering what others will think about your choice? Are you buying a more expensive or larger car than you need? Always question your motivations. You’ll often find your ego is a driving force behind them.

The ego can limit your success and happiness. It can stop you from trying if you’re always afraid of failure. Your ego can make you unhappy if your neighbor has a boat and you don’t. The ego has a million ways it can undermine your future and your present.

Our society worships things that often come more easily to those with insatiable ego. Learn how to move past your ego and you’ll find life to be more satisfying and much more rewarding.

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