Getting What You Want with Vision Boards and Evidence Books

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection of images found and clipped from magazines, the internet, or drawings that represent what you want or would like to manifest and have in your life. Sometimes it includes all three types of images. The images are pasted onto a poster board and hung on a wall to help with daily visualization of possessing the items in those images. A recent online seminar revealed a commonly overlooked feature of vision boards that often leads to dissatisfaction: pairing the images down to only one per nine focal areas.

What are the Nine Focus Areas?

The nine focal areas, which should be presented on a vision board from left to right starting in the upper left corner are:

  • Wealth. Prosperity. Fortunate Blessings. Appreciation & Gratitude. [Purple]
  • Fame. Reputation. Illumination. Clarity & Integrity. [Red]
  • Relationships. Love. Partnership. Receptiveness & Openness. [Pink]
  • Family. Elders. Community. Group Support & Strength. [Green]
  • Health. Heart of Chi. Unifying Forces. Balance & Vitality. [Yellow]
  • Creativity. Children. Future. Joy & Inspiration. [White]
  • Wisdom. Inner Knowledge. Self-Improvement. Stillness & Introspection. [Blue]
  • Career. Mission. Life Journey. Purpose & Courage. [Black]
  • Helpful People. Unseen Assistance. Travel. Benevolence & Synchronicity. [Grey]


 If you know anything about Feng Shui, you’ll notice the pattern of the nine focus areas and that each of those nine areas correlates to a color according to Feng Shui Bagua. The idea behind only having nine focus areas on your vision board is not to limit your desires. It is to allow the universe to work much more quickly at manifesting those desires so that you can rotate a desire in each area as it is manifested. Once a desire has manifested in your life, simply remove the image representing the desire and place it into an evidence book. Then put up a new image representing a new desire within the same focus area.

What is an Evidence Book and Why Keep One?

An evidence book is where you place the images representing desires that have manifested. This is can be a simple binder or notebook where you glue the images once the desires have manifested. Some individuals also notate the dates and times of their manifestations, and may include how long it took for something to manifest in their life. There are pros to doing this, such as being able to identify a focus area in which items manifest rather quickly but the extra detail is not an absolute necessity for an evidence book. My personal evidence book is a simple, orange binder with page protectors.

My Personal Vision Board

I started off creating my vision board by doing some goal setting on simple notebook paper that I’ve now placed in my evidence book. The next step was to create the actual vision board. I’m an artsy person, but I’m also a perfectionist. So when it came to creating a vision board with proper Feng Shui Bagua protocol, I got out the ruler and graph paper along with my markers and scissors.


After identifying a goal for each of the nine areas, I sought out images to represent each goal. Before cutting out the images and pinning them to my board, I glued the images onto colored index cards to easier pin to a foam board. The idea behind this was to make rotating the images for my vision board and evidence book easier than ripping off tape or having to deal with a glued on image. Gluing the image to index cards for a better backing is also helpful for those in areas where the image may be prone to flying off at the slightest bit of wind.

The image below is the final product of the vision board that I recreated for 2016.


I’ll go over my personal vision board, detailing the goals in next weeks post.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of my board? Have you made a vision board, or thought of what you would put on one if you did make one?

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